Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eli Recently

Eli is such a happy, fun little baby.  We love him SO much and are having fun watching him learn.  He crawls all over the place and pulls up on everything.  He is so observant of everything around him and loves to watch people, like his mom.  He likes to get into everything and there are a lot of things for him to get into in our little apartment that we haven't baby-proofed at all.  Lately his favorite thing to do is pull books off the bookshelf and open my bedside table and pull out anything he can grab.  He is so fun and smiley and laughs at so many things, especially when other people laugh.  We love him!

This picture is a few months old but I love it.  His little cellulitey legs and bum are so cute to me.

This was on my birthday, so 3 months ago.  We were at a little mission get together to see Yulia before she entered the MTC.  She is in the back middle in the burgundy sweater.  One of the girls we baptized on my mission.  She is SO great. 
We went to Temple Square for Eli to see the lights and he loved it! It was SO cold and he was bundled up in his stroller to look up at the lights.  We only took him out for a picture :)

At the Tulsa Aquarium over Christmas.  Eli loved the clownfish.

Christmas morning.

Eli laying in Zoe's doll bed that Brian made.

Swimming at the hotel in Oklahoma City.  The water was so cold but he liked it.

Getting ready to cut his hair.

Ready for Church.

with Grandpa.
Grandma's lipstick on his forehead.

Laughing with his soother in.  He almost always wants his soother these days so we're trying to cut back a bit :)

Dinner before Steph's game.

With Grandma and Grandpa.

He has figured out how to carry around his toys with him while he crawls.  He's such a funny and cute little guy. 

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  1. Eli is seriously so adorable. I especially love the picture of him, nakes, with Wes. His little body is so cute and he just seems so happy. You all look great - skinny Cal!